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There are always other things for you to spend your money on.

With no capital outlay costs, a photocopier or printer with no long-term lease on loan from Copycare enables you to use precious funds on more valuable resources.

You are in control.

Being in total control will come as a relief, we will help you decide which machines would be best, how many and whether you need a colour or black and white machine. Copycare have the stress free and flexible solution to help you remain in control!

If your circumstances change.

  • Budget changes could mean that you may need to downsize. Not a problem…We are flexible.
  • Technology may change your working practices. You may not need so many, or even any machines anymore. Not a problem…We are flexible.
  • CEO’s, Trustee’s, Bursar’s or Bosses may change and implement new working practices. Not a problem…We are flexible.

If anything does change throughout your time with Copycare just speak to us and we can always work out a solution without any fuss!

If you wish to cancel with us all you have to do is give us 90 days notice and we will come and collect the machines.

  • No financial penalties
  • No arguments
  • No if’s
  • No but’s
  • No fuss
  • No stress

That’s a promise!

Due to financial constraints, Mind an independent charity in Milton Keynes needed to downsize their operation and because they were with Copycare, they were able to end the contract immediately without any financial penalty.

Director, Steve McNay wrote: “Can I take this opportunity to thank you and all at Copycare for your first rate service over the years – you have been extremely responsive, helpful, knowledgeable and supportive of Milton Keynes Mind and the quality of service we have received cannot be over-stated. If and when our situation changes and we are looking for similar equipment and service, please be assured that yours will be the first (and probably only) name on the list”.

We loan stress free machines to:

Around the whole of the UK!

I wonder what the catch is!