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Photocopier Banstead, Surrey

Photocopier Banstead, Surrey. Stress free copier from CopycareDo you require flexible, stress free leasing or rental on a photocopier?

(Offer is subject to payment of the photocopies only.)

If you live or work in the Banstead area, you may be eligible for a Copycare photocopier.

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  • Do you qualify?

Especially for businesses in the Cheam Area, Copycare has a unique copier rental system called ‘LATITUDE’.

What makes this copier solution unique is:

Forget being tied into long-term contracts. Termination can be served at any time after installation giving only 90-Days notice. This means the customer is in total control of this flexible agreement.


Copycare will supply the correct photocopy machine to do the job. Should your requirements change, we can simply change the photocopier machine without financial penalties, other than a delivery charge, unlike a lease.

Reliability at all times – we don’t want service calls either!


A deposit equivalent to 3 month’s copy charges along with a small delivery charge to be paid in advance, and then you just pay for the copies you use.

The advantages of ‘LATITUDE’ are –

  • 100% tax efficient
  • Helps cash flow
  • Customer deals with the supplier, not with a third party finance company – this means greater contact and control
  • “Errors are eliminated as you will always end up with the solution that is right for you, giving you a chance to try out different technology without suffering the inevitable sales pitch!”
  • Perfect for short term funded projects

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