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Don't get stuck with an expensive lease... We can help you!

Whatever your requirements, we will loan you a copier of your choice, free of charge.

All you have to do is pay for the copies you use.

Maybe a high speed printer could be the solution.

We can loan you a colour, or black & white printer, free of charge, including toners, servicing, parts and repairs.

Are you stuck with a lease on a copier that no longer meets your requirements?

With buy-out penalties that you just cannot afford...

Stress free photocopiers and printers for Schools, Nurseries and Children’s Centres.

All you pay for are the copies, no leases or long contracts!

If you’re a school bursar, business manager, or head, and you’re looking for a photocopier or printer, chances are you want something that’s flexible, cost effective, stress free and doesn’t tie you in to a long-term leasing agreement.

We hear too many stories like this!

You may have read stories in the press or seen TV programmes about schools or education facilities that have signed long leases or photocopiers. They get stuck with an outdated photocopier. Or get charged thousands of pounds for breaking the lease.

Come and talk to the Copycare team, we are on your side!

We supply photocopiers and printers to many schools throughout Surrey, London, Middlesex and the rest of the UK. So give us a call now and let our team help you choose the right machines for your school or nursery.

We really are nice people to deal with!

Having developed an enviable reputation since 1994 for being honest, friendly and above all professional, we can promise you that there will be absolutely:

NO complex long-term leases,
NO locked -down rental agreements,
NO pushy commission chasing salespeople,
NO overinflated quotes,
NO expensive mistakes,
NO false promises.

Official Authorised Service Providers of Xerox

Copycare are proud to be official authorised service providers of Xerox photocopiers and printers, this means that if ever you have a problem with your Xerox machine you know it will be fixed correctly and efficiently.

We loan stress free machines to:

Around the whole of the UK!

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