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How to keep your machine in top condition & avoid downtime.

There are a range of things that you can do to help keep your machine in working order and to keep the quality of your prints and photocopies the best they can be.

Keep the scanning screen clean

Use of the scanner will inevitably cause the glass screen to attract dust and dirt, cleaning the glass screen regularly will help avoid getting unwanted marks on your scans and photocopies. There are a number of various solutions you can buy to help clean the glass, once the screen is clean, dry the solution off with a paper towel or lint cloth to avoid making any marks or scratches.

Remove dust & debris

Dust may appear harmless but as with all electrical equipment, it is essential that you regularly clean any dust and debris from the machine to prolong its life and to avoid it negatively impacting your printing needs.

Load the paper into the tray properly

Loading paper the wrong way into your copier or printer will result in paper jams and is a waste of paper and toner, it can also cause the paper to curl on its ends when it exits the machine. Repeated jams will put your machine out of action which is definitely not what you want!

Remove paper from the machine at night and at weekends when the machine is not in use

By doing this you massively reduce the risk of your paper becoming damp which in turn will reduce the chances of getting paper jams.

Avoid loading folded paper into the machine

Loading folded paper into your machine will cause it to get jammed and can result in making your machine unusable.

Turn off the machine by the switch

Turning off your machine straight from the mains before using the switch on the copier or printer can cause serious damage.

Documents with staples and paper clips shouldn’t go through the feeder

If you put a document with staples or paperclips attached through the feeder to be scanned or photocopied the chances are you’re going to cause a jam and you could possibly damage the insides of your machine.

Be gentle

Closing doors, draws and changing toner only require a gentle touch, nothing should ever need forcing so if you’re in doubt just give us a ring and we will do our best help out.

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