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Title: An alternative to leasing photocopiers – NAPPS – The Document Solutions Association

Schools are sometimes seen as soft targets for copier sales people. Bursars, School Business Managers and Heads are people under huge pressure from all directions within the education field.

Surrey Country Council writes

“Schools are being heavily targeted by suppliers as they are seen as a good financial risk and suppliers know that schools are very keen on getting what appears to be good deals and cost reductions”.

Recent legislation has put a number of restrictions on the use of leases and subsequently reduced the availability of relevant usable leases. Cases are also common where schools have signed an agreement and clauses have been completed by the supplier afterwards. There is also a great deal of argument over the exact terms of an operating lease.

Founder NAPPS member David Cole says:

“Schools need a flexible, inexpensive service. Leases just don’t seem to work for schools especially as there are many users and high usage. Copycare add and change machines whenever necessary as no leasing company is used. With the right resource at the right time, both the customer and the supplier enjoy a much less stressful relationship.”

NASBM and NAPPS always advise that schools check the minimum term of leases and what happens at the end of that minimum period. There can be notice periods that have to be given for both the leasing and service agreements.

A company like Copycare provides almost “contract free” flexible agreements which make life less complicated. If your school does have a lease, NASBM and NAPPS advise that keeping equipment and waiting until the end of the minimum lease period will almost always be less expensive than upgrading. It is important to remember the minimum lease period for the existing leased equipment is fixed, so an upgrade could leave you paying for two pieces of equipment when you are using only one.

Many schemes understandably require schools to seek approval from their LEA’s before entering into leasing arrangements. More guidance can be found at

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