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No doubt the photocopier in your office will be used regularly and heavily, so ensure that you purchase the right model. It’s worth taking time to read reviews before jumping in.

Speak to a Copycare representative for current offers, and we will discuss the best options for your business. Before making your final decision, you need to think about exactly how much use the photocopier will get, and what type of functions you require.

Who will use the photocopier?

Is it going to be used by the whole company, or just a department? If it’s the whole company, you will need to think about paper trays and paper capacity.

Do you know how many copies you will get through in a month?

From this, we can work out how heavy duty your copier will need to be.

Do you require colour?

This will have an impact on cost of ownership in terms of consumables.

Do you require duplex printing?

This is where you print to both sides of the paper. The more double-sided documents you can use, the less paper you will get through, thus saving a small amount of money.

Do you need to be able to scan from the photocopier?

Again, this will help to filter the model you need. Many new photocopiers allow you to scan directly to email, making document management very simple.

At Copycare, we have expert knowledge on a range of models and manufacturers. By going through this decision process, we can guide you and advise you on the correct model for your requirements, budget and usage.

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