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Copy machines are necessary tools for most small businesses. They help to organize, distribute and maintain professionalism in the office. But they can also be expensive. Most business copy machines are £3,000 to £7,000 but some of the nicer copy machines out there can hit £30,000! So if you’re not sure yet whether you want to make an investment of that size, think about some of your options.

1. Copiers range in price based on the newness of available technology. For example, if you want an LCD screen on your copier, you can expect to pay a little extra. But it’s probably worth it, since newer technology is less likely to break down, and will be sounder than older models.

2. Decide whether you need colour copies or are satisfied with black and white copies. This can make up to a thirty percent price increase in your spending. Many hybrid copy machines are reliable and produce beautiful color copies as well as efficiently copying black and white documents.

3. Copy volume is another important factor in deciding what kind of copier you buy. Most businesses copy anywhere from three to five thousand copies a month, but if you’re nowhere near that range, you might not need a business copier.

4. Automatic feeders allow you the freedom to leave the copy machine to its work. Standing by the copier can be tedious and time consuming; automatic feeders do the work for you, but will boost the price of the copier.

5. After determining your copy volume, it’s time to think about speed. If your business needs a huge number of copies every month, it may be important to invest in a copier that can handle 30-50 cpm (copies per minute).

So if your business falls into the category of “supercopier or bust,” think about copy machine leasing. Because copy machine technology is frequently updated, after a few years your copy machine will likely be out of date. When you lease a copy machine, you can stay on top of the heap, and you shouldn’t have to worry about any kind of service repair – any good copy machine lease will cover parts, just make sure that you know what is included in the maintenance agreement.

Before you choose a copy machine lease, do your research. Check out which ones provide the most comprehensive and convenient service repairs. Moreover, see how the machine copies.  See if there is a trade-in program available so that if you have a long term lease, you can keep up with technological changes.

Be aware that copy machine leasing often involves a charge per copy or can include a copy minimum per month. Be careful when estimating your minimum because if you overshoot, you can wind up paying for more copies than you’re using. Once you’ve established your copying needs, then you can determine what kind of copier – and what method of financing it – is right for you.

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