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Downsizing options for Mind.

In difficult economic times, a charity’s funding can vary dramatically year on year. When independent mental health charity Milton Keynes Mind had to deal with budget cuts, they decided to downsize their photocopier requirements. And because they had our flexible...

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Flexible copying for St John the Baptist.

When the old photocopier at St John’s church broke down, they didn’t want to invest in a new copier or commit to a long-term lease, as they weren’t sure of their future copying requirements. What the church needed was flexibility. So as we’re well known for offering...

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Solicitor Testimonial – Copycare

Tamzin Mandelli of Hart Brown writes: "I used Copycare for all my copying and printing needs when running Bray and Lawson and Kidson Bray and Lawson. David was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services. I always felt that I...

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New Photocopiers for Aragon Primary School

Dear David I just wanted to send you a brief thank you note. The transition from the old photocopiers to the new ones was as seamless as it could have possibly been and I am feeling quite optimistic on implementing the new software. Once again please thank your...

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Singlegate Primary School, Merton

We have been with Copycare for about 10 years now. Their service is A* and I would have no problem with recommending their services to you. We have 4 photocopiers in the school, and around 14 printers which work in the same way as the photocopying. We only pay for the...

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Lucy Gardiner – Managing Director Skilltrain Limited 

“ Four years have passed since we were first approached by Peter to enter into a service agreement covering the maintenance and repair of our Olivetti copier. We have never regretted contracting with Copycare. The service we have received has been reliable,...

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Allan Clare – Managing Director – AWC Training Ltd

“ We have been using Copycare printing for over four years. The customer service from David Cole and his staff have been fantastic. We are a small company who had a large amount of printing to do, and as printers cost a large amount of money we were stuck. David came...

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Steve McNay – Director – Milton Keynes Mind 

“ Can I take this opportunity to thank you and all at Copycare for your first rate service over the years – you have been extremely responsive, helpful knowledgeable and supportive of Milton Keynes Mind and the quality of service we have received cannot be...

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Kidson, Bray and Lawson LLP 

“ I am writing to thank you for all your assistance in dealing with our new photocopier. My secretary and I have had ample time to get used to it and really enjoy using it. It is a far cry from the copier I used to have. From the initial process of choosing a...

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Sue – Launchpad Independent Supported Housing Charity 

“ Launchpad is a charity working with people with learning difficulties, as a charity funds are tight. We took up the free photocopier offered by Copycare and have been very pleased with it. The copier is of an excellent specification, any queries are sorted quickly...

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Esther Cheshire – Lascom Communications Limited 

“ Just to let you know that a Knight in Shining Armour came to our aid today in the guise of Mark! His customer service was excellent – all we had to give him was a coffee (he was cheap!) and he sorted our toner and printer cartridges. Got us out of a real hole having...

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Anne Thompson – Herne Hill School

"I would like to write to say that Herne Hill School would have no hesitation in recommending Copycare. Our school has had bad experiences with leasing photocopiers and I would be happy to say to anyone that the flexible arrangement with Copycare is a very refreshing....

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Goddard Perry Consulting Limited Testimonial

People stay with Copycare because they want to, not because of a contract that binds them. Here's a nice testimonial that just arrived from a client that is closing a branch. No problems; no long termination clauses. "Nice talking to your earlier ,  I wish to confirm...

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Herne Hill Private School Testimonial

Herne Hill Private School negotiates acceptable copier lease settlement and installs a no-lease 90 day solution from Copycare, Surbiton, Surrey. It may look tempting when first presented with a proposal for a copier lease but as Herne Hill School found, there can be...

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Britannia Movers Praise Copycare

In difficult trading times for removal companies, Copycare has been able to rationalise the office printing and photocopying needs and spend at Britannia whilst improving facilities for staff.

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Great job by Copycare installing a colour multi function device

I am writing to thank you for all your assistance in dealing with our new photocopier. My secretary and I have had ample time to get used to it and really enjoy using it. It is a far cry from the copier I used to have.
David Cole says “We are very proud to get so many testemonials as it shows we are working in the right way to make sure customers are happy short and long term.

Please call 020 8296 0202 or visit www.copycare.net to find out how we can help you.

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