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When the old photocopier at St John’s church broke down, they didn’t want to invest in a new copier or commit to a long-term lease, as they weren’t sure of their future copying requirements.

What the church needed was flexibility. So as we’re well known for offering photocopiers to churches, the staff at St John’s got in touch with the team at Copycare and took advantage of Latitude, our flexible service contract. We supplied a copier free of charge, and then invoiced the church on a monthly basis for the copies they made.

St John’s advised us they no longer needed a copier and gave us 90 days’ notice. Our 90-day notice guarantee is an integral part of Latitude and ensures our clients have complete flexibility.

Once St John’s sent us their final metre reading, we arranged collection of their photocopier and terminated the arrangement with no fuss or quibbles.

Needless to say, the staff at St John’s were pleased with the simplicity of the process.

“Many thanks for the excellent service.”

John Simon, St John’s

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